Dissident Industries – Website Relaunch 2018

Dissident Industries Website Re-Launch 2018


Lift Off!!!!!

What a tremendously exciting day it is for all of us here at Dissident Industries. After some time of lurking in the shadows, collaborating here and sub contracting there, focusing on self improvement and furthering our trade craft, we are proud to announce…

We are back!

And what better way to celebrate then with the relaunch of our new website!?

With the relaunch of the Dissident Industries website we aim to illustrate how we can help you grow your business! The new website’s features include details about our services, corporate profile, previous and current clients, more about us and much much more. Our plan is to update sections of the website as often as possible! We have several interesting feature additions planned for the near future so watch this space!

Go check the new website out today, if you like what you see and want to find out how we can help you, drop us a mail!