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From humble beginnings, Dissident Industries was born in 2012. The reason behind its conception is a great passion for the marketing and advertising industry.

Since we opened our doors we have been working day and night to secure the best possible designers, sign-writers, manufacturing staff and marketing experts the industry has to offer, so that we may provide a full and comprehensive marketing and advertising package.

We believe in doing things differently by going the extra mile for all of our clients, no project is impossible for us – we have the right connections 😉 so go ahead and Contact Us!

As a Johannesburg based company, Dissident Industries radiates the city’s friendly vibes; we pride ourselves in offering client focused services which exceed expectations. With a team that bursts creative energy, a will to succeed in business and an authentic passion for what we do, we excel at providing complete branding and marketing solutions!

Who We Are & What We Do

We don't sleep enough!

Sleep, what’s that?

When we start a project we do it with much enthusiasm, so much so that we often get carried away and forget that sleep is needed! We don’t have alarms to wake up; instead we set them to remind us that it’s bed time!

Night owls by nature! A well-spent day brings happy sleep – Leonardo da Vinci

We drink too much coffee!

Yes, to sustain our late nights we admit that we are a team of coffee addicts. A good cup of coffee goes along way! Thanks to this caffeinated beverage we are able to keep our minds clear, energized and ready for the tasks ahead!

What we have to offer!

Properly developing and implementing a branding strategy can have a huge impact on the success of your business. Having the right promotional materials, effective marketing messages and visual designs for both online and offline will help you increase sales leads and sales conversions…